Royalty Free Stock Wedding Clipart by KJ Pargeter

  1. Wedding Elegant White Three Tiered Cake with Elaborate Icing
  2. Wedding Two 3d Golden Interlocked Hearts with a Shadow over a Red Shining Background
  3. Wedding Blank White Card Bordered in Gold with a Golden Bow
  4. Pretty Pink and Brown Invitation with Stripes and a Frame
  5. Decorative Black Wedding Border Around White Space
  6. Wedding Black and White Decorative Header Rule with a Heart
  7. Wedding Pink Heart Text Box Business Card Template or Website Background
  8. Wedding 3d Baker Holding a Beautiful Cake
  9. Wedding Red Ribbon Heart and Reflection
  10. Wedding Red Ribbon Heart with Reflection
  11. Wedding Two Gold Band Rings
  12. Wedding 3d Chef Holding an Elegant Cake
  13. Wedding and Business Card Template Designs