Royalty Free Stock Wedding Clipart by Maria Bell

  1. Wedding Bride and Groom Toppers on a Split Cake
  2. Wedding Bride and Groom in a Gown and Tuxedo Kissing at Their Vegas Ceremony
  3. Wedding Cute Bride and Groom Couple Holding Hands
  4. Silhouetted Young Couple Kissing and Making out While Sitting on a Bench Under the Stars in Front of a Full Heart Shaped Moon on Valentine's Day
  5. Wedding Couple Puppies Gazing at Each Other
  6. Wedding Border of Golden Party Balloons with Champagne
  7. Wedding Pair of Mute Swans Face to Face and Red Heart
  8. Wedding Two Wine Glasses Toasting
  9. Wedding Sweet Bride and Groom Kissing Cake Topper
  10. Wedding Teddy Bear Bride and Groom Kissing
  11. Wedding Bride and Groom Couple Kissing Cake Topper and Blue Copyspace
  12. Wedding Pink Rose Heart
  13. Wedding Young Purple Haired Bride
  14. Wedding Blue Haired Groom
  15. 50th Wedding Anniversary Three Teired Cake with Copyspace